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The Digital:Transformation Approach created by Dr Hannah Rudman has been the core of £3.7m worth of national Digital Transformation programmes – for example, AmbITion Scotland. It has also been licensed by global technology solutions and consulting companies.

The Approach uniquely blends creative practices, design thinking, and participatory action research together with user-focussed information systems, and is an academically verified and internationally renowned framework for Digital Transformation. It comes from Hannah Rudman’s  background of digital transformation consultancy, innovative technology development, and creative practice, and is underpinned by Hannah’s academic research.

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SRUC Senior Challenge Research Fellowship

By Dr Hannah Rudman on 4 Aug 2020

Dr Hannah Rudman has just joined SRUC.

Reality DLT: 2019

By Dr Hannah Rudman on 2 Jan 2020

Wallet.Services’ Strategic Transformation Director Dr Hannah Rudman reviews 2019 – a year in which Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) proved they could enable real and measurable citizen and business value. She highlights how our SICCAR platform has created reality DLT networks, working with increased efficiency, trust, transparency and cybersecurity in the public and private sectors. 

The Oil and Gas sector (O&G)  ranks last of all industries in digital maturity (Deloitte’s study also noted that the industry loses $1.6 trillion in revenue by “failing to fully embrace digital”). However, a study conducted by the World Economic Forum concluded “digital transformation” in O&G had a total value of $1.6 trillion and could expand to $2.5 trillion if “existing organisational/operational constraints are relaxed” and “futuristic” technologies are embraced. 

In 2019, Wallet.Services’ DLT Project Book network, a North Sea consortium supported by OGTC, committed to proving the digital transformation value of DLT.


By Dr Hannah Rudman on 2 Jun 2019

Dr Hannah Rudman, Wallet.Services’ Strategic Transformation Director considers why our championing of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) in manufacturing and resources and public sectors is also the company’s Massive Transformational Purpose (MTP).

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