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The Digital:Transformation Approach created by Dr Hannah Rudman has been the core of ¬£3.7m worth of national Digital Transformation programmes – for example, AmbITion Scotland. It has also been licensed by global technology solutions and consulting companies.

The Approach uniquely blends creative practices, design thinking, and participatory action research together with user-focussed information systems, and is an academically verified and internationally renowned framework for Digital Transformation. It comes from Hannah Rudman’s  background of digital transformation consultancy, innovative technology development, and creative practice, and is underpinned by Hannah’s academic research.

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Decision-grade data on nature

By Dr Hannah Rudman on 14 May 2023

Nature tech is emergent, but with it, improvements and impairments to nature can be measured with an integrity that can be trusted.

What a year…

By Dr Hannah Rudman on 18 Nov 2022

This year in January, I became Co-Director of the Thriving Natural Capital Challenge Centre and Reader at SRUC, and blogged previously about that.

Co-directing for Thriving Natural Capital

By Dr Hannah Rudman on 5 Aug 2022

In January 2022, I became the Co-director of The Thriving Natural Capital Challenge Centre at SRUC.

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