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Playstation’s Digital and Cultural Echoes

The Guardian picked up a <a href=”http://media.guardian.co.uk/mediaguardian/story/0,,2000468,00.html”>story</a> about Sony Playstation 3’s advertising campaign that proves a belief in the idea that users will generate the content that other users most want to see; and that viral word of mouth is still the best form advertising. They have chosen 10 “cultural content” providers (using the term “cultural” in its widest sense), who will start content generating campaigns/competitions with their audiences. The idea is that this will create a “digital echo” about PS3 – as well as the advertising launched through formal channels such as TV, web, billboards etc., content about and for the PS3 will come from many different angles, made by people with many different interests. Clever isn’t it? Whatever makes you tick and would make you convinced that PS3 was for you and your community, PS3 has probably already got an example out there that you can relate to.

This article was first published on Hannah Rudman’s blog on 8th February 2007.