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Want to make your arts portal pay? Why not be a Ticketmaster affiliate?

Variety Magazine reported on Tuesday that Ticketmaster has created a system to deliver coin to linked websites that drive online ticket sales.
The ticketing company has launched its first online affiliate network in the U.S., unveiling its EventEngine widget that allows websites to link with ticketmaster.com. Consumers and organizations register to become affiliates of Ticketmaster, which provides the widget.

Affiliates will be able to create online alerts about upcoming events, directing visitors to ticketmaster.com. Affils will have access to the company’s search buttons, banners and link engines. This opportunity offers the cultural sector great opportunity to create websites for communities of interest and niche markets (eg. Classical Music – What’s On?) , hosting complete services from listings to ticketsales.

Unfortunately, the service isn’t yet available in Europe, but I’d say that our European sector still has some way to go in understanding the benefits of cross-selling between organisations anyway.