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Building Sustainable Arts Venues

Its the Indianapolis Museum of Art in my sights again, but this week I’m excited by the way they’re focussing on considering their environmental impact. Their sustainability as a 21st century arts organisation is underpinned by their porous attitude and really effective digital audience development strategies (see earlier blog entries). But the sustainability of the venue is also being measured – IMA are open about their efforts into the greening of their building. Any visitor to the website can see exactly how much the average daily energy consumption is (go to the Dashboard, the IMA’s totally amazing and public presentation of statistics and measurements). he Indianapolis Museum of Art is the first museum to receive ENERGY STAR certification for its efforts to become more environmentally responsible. ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, which recognizes products and businesses for utilizing energy efficient products and practices.

The Theatres Trust conference focusses on the environmental sustainability of the UK’s theatre buildings this year. On 10th June, the theatre sector will come together to consider issues around Building Sustainable Theatres. Although not legislation yet, the Climate Change Bill should receive Royal Assent in summer 2008, and from then, all businesses will have to consider their environmental impact. Check out my Envirodigital page and get in contact if you’re interested in thinking about creating environmental sustainability through implementing effective digital technologies.