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Hands free 3D Second Life – acceptably accessible?

Second Life may yet become so easy and fun to use that we’ll all be able to actually use it. Currently, you need fairly advanced gaming skills to navigate and build in Second Life, but this new intuitive way of navigating Second Life “hands free” could create access for the masses, and this has many implications for the success of meetings, educational and cultural events and even (eventually) the experience of the internet itself. Second Life is now bigger than London at 462 square miles, with a similar density (the same number of rooms, pieces of furniture, objects and people are in the virtual square miles as are in the real square miles of London.

Hear Philip Rosedale founder of Linden Labs, the company that makes Second Life, talk about its rapid expansion, and some of the implications this has (particularly on the demand for memory and server speed) in an interview with The Guardian on my Clippings page. ..