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Social Media Strategies

The Indianapolis Museum of Art are so seriously Web 2.0 that they have a social media strategy as part of their communications strategy, and that the whole organisation is responsible for delivering. Their blog team is made up of representatives from all departments (conservationists and curators as well as the marketing and PR team!) which means that the whole organisation gets representation, and picks up friends and comments from a wide range of interest groups. Another web 2.0 organistion, Brooklyn Museum has just joined some of the other non-profits hosting content in the Beyond Campus area of iTunes U .

“For us, the idea seemed like a good one because it allows us to host long-format content in a setting where people want to find it. Many of the Universities using iTunes U are hosting lectures and we’ve got a ton of artist talks and panel discussions, so this seemed like the right location to do it. In addition, we’ve always wanted to find an easy way our visitors could download our audio tour content right to their iPods and the iTunes U setup accomplishes this. Finally, all of our content is all in one place. We’ll still be uploading to YouTube and blip.tv as appropriate, but iTunes U gives us the ability to host everything in one location without file size and length limits”.

I’ve just started to use Tweetscan to see what people are talking and commenting and questioning about right now, in 140 characters or less. I was surprised that an English Government department has a twitter identity – that it tweets on regularly! The Brooklyn Museum and 24 Hour Museum in the UK are museums who twitter.

Finally, this brilliant presentation by Sacha Chua and picked up by Beth Kanter shows exactly what a Generation Y Social Revelutionary staff member at IBM thinks about social media strategies and how to implement them at work!

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