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New website to link-up touring dancers and their fans

Merce Cunningham dancer Daniel Madoff has constructed a very nifty website for touring dancers and their fans. He explains:

Touringdancers.com is targeted specifically at touring dance companies and their audiences. It features a combined company calendar in which the viewer can see multiple company calendars side by side. The benefit for dancers is that they can locate their fellow dancers and friends. The benefit for audiences is that they can locate their favorite companies abroad. They can even search by city if they know they will be in a specific foreign town at a specific time.

The site also features a forum section, where anyone can write about his or her favorite places to eat, sites to see, or things to do in highly toured cities. We strongly encourage readers to add their own postings so all users benefit from each other’s expertise about one city or another. This is a chance not only for dancers to exchange ideas, but for people interested in dance to have a positive effect on the people who bring them so much joy.

The site is also interested in adding new dance companies to the schedule so it can become a larger resource. “