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Mobile: Music begins to feel free

Nokia has announced that it will be launching pre-pay and pay-as-you-go base model phones that will carry its unlimited music service. In a bid to compete with Apple’s iPhone and iTunes, Nokia’s “Comes With Music” pre-pay phone will allow the download of up to 2.1m tunes – onto the mobile deveices and computers. After a year, users have to buy a new Nokia device to keep the ability to download, but the older devices will still play all the tracks downloaded. The idea behind the service, which is being launched first in the UK, is to put some revenues back into th music industry. The Comes With Music marketing is aimed at parents who want to legitimise their childrens’ music – expect a few demands for the Nokia 5310 to be under the Christmas Tree. However, don’t expect to be able to have the phone on contract – all 5 UK operators have refused to carry the phone, so pay as you go SIM only are the only options.