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Weapons of mass collaboration!

I’m in Manchester at AmbITion’s Digital Content re:connected event. We’re trying to make it as live and globally available as we can! So…

Marcus Romer from Pilot Theatre is currently presenting, and his talk and all the links to the resources mentioned is available here. Marcus is explaining his online strategy, which is about enagaging audiences and presenting work in new ways so that more people can see what Pilot Theatre do. They’re using Mobius as a streaming mechanism to create a live TV channel from their website – its a different way for Pilot to “tour” and distribute content. Last night Pilot Theatre won the TMA award for Best Young Peoples’ Show with their show Looking for JJ, which as I’ve described in an earlier blog post, was created collaboratively with MySpace users. Pilot Theatre also use Second Life for online collaboration and for working out staging and lighting for shows – its cheaper (and greener) than rehearsing in a theatre space – and of course use Bebo and Facebook. People involved in their writers’ group use wikis to collaborate. Young people in particular join Pilot’s SMS group. Pilot Theatre collaboratively (in 2 days!) made a video as a promo for Arts Council England’s Get Into Theatre initiative – see it on that website as well as on YouTube and Blip.tv. As a core team of four, they are really crowd sourcing ideas and content creators – a 15 year old made their MySpace page, an actor runs the latest show’s Facebook group.

Vitto Rocco, director of Faintheart, spoke earlier this morning about collaboratively creating the world’s first user generated movie – written about in detail in my blog earlier this year, here.

We’ve just been looking at New York live online – you can also watch the video we’re recording now live at Digital Content re:connected. Also, we’ve got a flickr group and you can add photos to the pool – let us know what you’re up to in the outside world!

This is an interesting piece of work – We Feel Fine – all the blogs in the world are tracked by this beautiful visual representational mash-up – it looks at text, words and now integrates Flickr and Google Maps. Also, check out Wordle: and create your own beautiful visual representation of a project or organisations from the words you’ve written to describe it.

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