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Online social networks help talent rise

Flickr has given birth to a new Internet star, a young photographic artist, Chrissie White. She has a breadth of fully realized photographic ideas that would have been impossible for a freshman in high school living in a Seattle suburb before the age of online social networking. It’s her Flickr stream the Flickr community has been following: it has launched her art career, and it’s flourishing. Part of that might be because the social networking tools around Flickr encourage debate:

Commenting on her own photo “Breakfast with Pandora”, 15 year old White says

I placed a battery-powered round LED light in the crystal candy dish, a light bulb (it had a metal stand) behind the crate, and aimed a lamp towards my face. okayokay the mask IS sort of random but it’s what inspired this photo, i found it and happened to think it was PRETTY COOL.

Somebody going by the name of Extra Medium commented back:

Isn’t it amazing how we can see something and it reminds us of a certain photographer. … But back to you — from my whole stream, I can pick out one of your photos like — snap — that!

She’s more productive than most artists twice and three times her age, and she rarely falls too far beneath her own high standards.

Thanks to popular demand, she is selling prints, 8 by 8 inches, for $40.