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DT:TV Case Studies

The Bluecoat (Video case study 2008)

The Bluecoat in Liverpool has recently undergone not just a large building programme and refurbishment but changes in its organisation and focus. At an early stage in its redevelopment, the Bluecoat’s chief executive Alastair Upton realised that digital development was a vital part of this change.

In this video, we have visited the Bluecoat to speak to some of the people who were involved in ensuring that digital development was a key component of the new Bluecoat. Consultants Hannah Rudman and Taylor Nuttall began working with the Bluecoat early in the process, taking account of changes to the building, staff and the organisation in recommending how digital technology could enhance the Bluecoat’s artistic vision.

The challenges that the Bluecoat faced are ones that are common to many organisations. By bringing in external experts, working closely with staff and management, AmbITion is currently working with 15 organisations to take them through a process of digital development. At the Bluecoat, some of the benefits of this approach are already clear, underpinning the artistic vision with the technology that can increase participation and enhance the audience experience.