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Art and Climate Change

Artists are being offered £30K to engage with climate change – deadline 4 May 2009

Arts and climate change organisation TippingPoint has launched a new project offering artists commissions of up to £30,000 to create works about global warming. They are seeking proposals that offer creative reflections on a world that is rapidly changing and on humanity’s role and responsibilities within it. Proposals can be made by practitioners of any performance discipline, as individuals or groups, by artists on their own or together with curators or producers. Selection panel includes:

Graham Devlin: Chairman, Tipping Point (Chairman of Selection Panel)
John Ashton: UK Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Climate Change
Nick Starr: Executive Director, National Theatre
Maresa von Stockert: Director, Tilted Productions
Cecilia Wee: Writer, Broadcaster and Curator

Shortlisted applicants can get valuable input from TippingPoint’s bank of scientists and advice on how to find financial partners if they wish to turn their projects into large-scale productions. For more information, see: http://www.tippingpoint.org.uk/commissions.htm