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The Age of Stupid premieres – go see, join the people

So its time not to be stupid! The Maldives, under great threat from climate change,are the first country to pledge carbon neutrality within 10 years. Its the pledge of their sensible president Mohamed Nasheed, but he needs the rest of the world to take heed.

The crowd-source funded film and online campaign The Age of Stupid – a major new climate change film in which a man (Pete Postlethwaite) living alone in the devastated world of 2055 looks at old footage from 2008 and asks why people didn’t stop climate change when they had the chance – premieres this weekend, and should help the world become more aware of the plight of us all if we don’t make headway on climate change.

If you can, watch the film, or join the OneClimate social network to link up with others in your area who are doing something.