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Babble or debate and deliberate?

artbabbleI’m not sure the name’s the most complimentary , but ArtBabble (surely NO ONE babbles, rambles or burbles when discussing art do they, darling?) is one of the most interesting collaborative channels for the rich media content of the visual arts sector that I’ve come across. FACT.TV and the Tate strive to achieve similar content mixes, but what makes ArtBabble a different kind of channel is that its content comes from many organisations. The Indianapolis Museum of Art have led the project, but its “channels”, “series” and “artists” categorisations are successful because of the breadth of work, from all the partners, that can be found. This makes a really interesting research, learning and watching resource, and the additional social networking tools make it a great experience in which to participate – to debate and deliberate great art, not a lot of babbling going on there! Let me know what you think of the model.