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Crowd sourcing innovation for Edinburgh’s Festivals

Thousands of shows. Hundreds of venues. Hundreds of thousands of tickets worth £millions. Its the biggest and most complex arts festival in the world, and being an audience member at it takes a commitment to master planning, as well as a commitment to having a great time.

The Festivals want to do more to simplify the experience of being at the Festivals over the summer; aid navigation to and through the Festivals; make the most of their content – put simply, to make the world’s largest arts festival feel a little smaller.

They’ve teamed up with 4iP to put out a call for apps, web and mobile services and platforms that make the Festivals’ experiences:
* easier to discover, navigate, search, filter (pre-arrival and on-location)
* easier to book the stuff you want
* easier to book the stuff you don’t know you want, but we know you’ll like
* easier to build up into multiple bookings with friends
* greener (such as e-flyers that allow more than paper ever could and help reduce print waste)

So if you’re a bedroom coder or a mega agency, get the thinking caps on!