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The 21st Century Event Organiser – You!!!

I’m not sure who started it first – but the “user generated event” really took off with Twestival – where Twitter was used to create events in cities around the world, with local groups taking on the job of organising the events, putting on the activities and raising money for charity.

I’m fascinated by a new project in Manchester that goes one further. The Cutting Room Experiment is a true “user generated event” taking place in the regenerated Cutting Room square in Ancoats on June 20th, that will see 12 events generated by users to the website “Cutting Room Experiment”.

At the moment the favourite “crowdsourced” event ideas include the world’s biggest game of Twister; a chance to learn the Thriller dance routine;  a massive outdoor Silent Disco and a communal photograph.

But because the web hasn’t got all the answers (even with the launch of Wolfram Alpha, the computational knowledge  engine)  this week – the nice people behind “Cutting Room Experiment” are having a meet up in a bar to answer all your questions. They’re particularly keen on getting the cities bloggers along.

If you think of the various Unconferences that have been held recently to discuss Digital Britain – or the numerous social media generated cafes such as the one in Manchester – we’re clearly in the age where the 21st century event organiser is indeed YOU!

If you’re running a crowdsourced event or hear of any – then why not let us know about it? You can use the twitter hashtag #getambition and it will appear on this website with our other postings.

1 thought on “The 21st Century Event Organiser – You!!!

  1. Just checked out the website, there’s loads of cool ideas to vote for. Lovin’ the mass pie eating session and dodgeball game, should be fun!

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