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Envirodigital’s Hannah Rudman speaking at Shift Happens 2.0

On 30th June 2009, envirodigital’s Hannah Rudman will be speaking at Shift Happens 2.0. View the whole programme here:

In a similar style to the work envirodigital has been doing with National Theatre Wales, I’ve worked with the Shift Happens team, especially Pilot Theatre, to ensure that the crowd for this conference is on the cloud! We have set up an online social network on the ning platform for the event, which is already open for networking – prior to the actual day. With 21 members already making connections, the day will add more members who will be able to benefit from all the digital resources and networking opportunities ongoing. Afterwards, we’ll be able to make talks available – as presentations and videos, and this should make the network attractive after the event. The online network has certainly helped us be able to position Shift Happens 2.0 as a paperless conference: people feel more confident about the notion of a paperless conference when they can see resources there beforehand.