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AmbITion Consultant Dave Potts: Expect the unexpected with digital

AmbITion Consultant Dave Potts works with organisations in the East of England, helping them with a variety of needs: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and box office solutions through to making the best use of their websites.

He shares why users of an organisation’s website should not be overlooked in this video.

1 thought on “AmbITion Consultant Dave Potts: Expect the unexpected with digital

  1. Hi Janice, Thanks for your comments and you are welcome to provide a positive take on AmbITion but that really isn’t what this thread is about. Nor are you in any position to set out what kind of programme I’m calling for, without any reference to what I’ve actually said. Neither do I want to get bogged down in The Audience Business and Culture Sparks as it was Hannah who introduced these into the debate – though it does seem that having your funding turned down is not much of a strategic vote of support from the old SAC.

    So with those points of clarification out of the way, I’d like to return to my original post which was in search of something a bit more ambitious than a conversation about what has gone before (inclduing AmbITion). The new Creative Scotland does not need to be the old SA – it could be a bit more Creative and a little less Council. I believe the State should fund the arts but I do not believe that should be in a blinkered, knee jerk way or stereotypical manner especially in these current times. Currently pumping the best part of £90 million per annum into the arts doesn’t make any sense if there are more intelligent, entrepreneurial ways of creatively engaging with digital technologies and the opportunities they provide – (a remit which is a wee bit bigger than AmbITion’s)

    I don’t mean to insult or dismiss any of the previous or existing approaches which Hannah so vigorously defends. But this is a structural issue about where the vision is located in the politics of the Arts hierarchy. If the Edinurgh portal is a subsidiary of the Audience Business which has not received funding form the old SAC, then (in spite of the goodwill I have to individuals and organisations involved) this is not really the level of approach I had in mind. To me the challenge is for Creative Scotland to decide if acting as a supplier of subsidies is an adequate ambition or whether they can meaningfully address the overlooked element of the arts equation – the audiences.

    ps. Janice, the Clicket.com domain is currently in use by a ‘costumes and party supplies’ business, so I’m not quite sure what’s going on there.

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