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National Theatre Wales programme launches with a Big Bang

NTWlaunchOur client, the new National Theatre Wales, are launching their opening programme on 5th November 2009. It’ll be a big bang for a number of reasons: its Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes’ Night in the UK, so there will be fireworks. There will also be a new destination website to visit where you can find out what’s on and buy tickets Update: here it is, beautiful and built on drupal!
(the huge online community that we’ve grown organically over the past year will be just a click away, and is still growing in numbers, depth and activity daily).

The final big bang will be the style of the launch: rather than hiring an expensive venue to which the press and VIPs have to travel, NTW are instead webcasting the programme launch, hoping that journalists will NOT make the journey to Cardiff, but will watch the news unfold online and so help NTW achieve its environmentally sustainable aspirations. Don’t expect a fancy brochure either: the only paper NTW will print is a (very beautiful!) newspaper. And that will be available digitally too, so if you can’t pick it up in person, don’t expect to receive one in the post [eco choices, not post strike reasons :-))].

Read John McGrath’s blog about the launch for all the details, and HUGE congratulations to John and all the NTW team from Envirodigital – we’re so proud that you stuck to all your original aspirations, and thrilled that we could help you make them realities!