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Digital Britain – Charles Leadbeater responds: are you a boulder, pebble or hybrid?

{Article originally posted to AmbITion Extranet by Hannah Rudman}

Charles Leadbeater has responded to the Digital Britain report (see previous blog) – read the full response here. His main thoughts are on how the report fails to specify ambitious bandwidth targets that would enable new services to emerge in light of newly shifted cultural behaviours. Enjoy experiences, talk experiences and do experiences – these are the cultural activities Leadbeater specifies we newly want to do on the web, and where innovation should and could happen were there more ambitious aspirations set in Digital Britain. Leadbeater calls for:

• more ambitious goals for broadband speeds and a practical way to finance the
investment;• a new way to fund the creation of web based content to feed the new generation
of mutual media businesses, based on Ofcom’s idea of a public service media

• ambitious proposals to encourage citizens to use the web to help one another
and public services to deliver important public goods like education and health,
taking up the ideas in the Power of Information report;

• ideas for how the open, collaborative web can underpin science, innovation and
development by making knowledge more widely available, so Britain leads the
way in open science;

• funding for practical experiments to adapt copyright and digital rights
management systems so new business models for funding content creation will
emerge more rapidly in the UK than elsewhere.

But have a think about the beach metaphor section. Rather than returning us to the days of the Flintstones, Leadbeater asks us to reframe our understanding of organisational culture. Are you/is your organisation a boulder or a pebble organisation? Can you become a hybrid by collaborating and partnering? The future seems to be with the pebbles and boulder organisations that can be hybrids, working with pebbles. Rock on, Charlie :-).