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May You Live in Interesting Times: Festival of Creative Technology Cardiff


May You Live in Interesting Times is a three-day, biennial Festival that is all about ‘do-it-yourself’ and features a programme that celebrates the latest intriguing uses of everyday technology and social innovation, enabled through shared ideas.

There’s a fantastic range of commissions, exhibitions, a Maker Faire, discussions, workshops, screenings and participant-driven events. Highlights include:

Alfred Sirleaf: Analogue Blogger, from Liberia; Eddo Stern’s first solo exhibition in the UK; Ghana Think Tank solving Wales’ problems; a dynamic, participant driven game show featuring The People Speak; an unConference that explores Technological Tinkering, Wales’ first Maker Faire and a range of new commissions from artists based in Wales.

For more information contact the Festival team on 029 2132 8082, 07531 486 886
, email admin@mayyouliveininterestingtimes.org.uk or go to our website where you can view the programme in full, or download the Festival Diary PDF by clicking on ‘Timetable’.

In particular, you might be interested in the unConference: technological tinkering, the next 10 years, here and beyond…: Friday 23 October, Chapter Firstspace, 9am-5pm
What is the future of do-it-yourself technologies for creative practice and enterprise? What could WE do? What tools will WE need and what do WE have to offer? This innovative event will explore the future possibilities presented by do-it-yourself technologies for artists and creative entrepreneurs working across cultures and disciplines. Unlike a conference, an unConference is user generated. The agenda is driven by participants and is an opportunity for you to share your ideas, projects and aspirations for the future! Places are limited so book now to avoid disappointment here.