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Social Networking as used by a Social Media Enthusiast

From: http://getambition.wordpress.com/2009/03/05/ambition-north-east-roadshow-%E2%80%93-tyneside-cinema-participation-workshop/

This article is an excerpt of a live blog of the Participation Masterclass with OurManInside aka Christian Payne at the AmbITion North East Roadshow of 5th March.

Just introduced him and we’re off!

He’s just asked us to make sure mobile phones are on and Twitterers tweeting. Excellent!

Did lots of media, travelled 65 countries but wanted to get into photography. Got to work on his local paper when photographer was injured.

Chose an iconic image and chose the photograph of Che Guevera taken by Alberto Korda “to hide behind”.

Pointed us to OurManInside.com and is talking about using WordPress as a platform for aggregating blogs, video and other social media. Mentioned using free Revolution Theme by Brian Gardner.

Started out travelling to Iraq to cover the war as he didn’t believe the news.

Now sharing about a ‘Crash!’, a blog post that started life when he twittered a video after a car crash.

Within minutes of the crash, was approached with a crane to help remove car, offers for a fund to help replace car.

Learnt from that about the importance of sharing about his life on life – there are people out there willing to help you.

Now passing round a Kodak ZI6 camera which he uses to grab, engage and promote content. Also using the Nokia N95 as his main work tool. (yes he would like a free one please!)

You can do everything from a mobile phone, you don’t need to edit…

Top tip: Dabr.co.uk

He doesn’t do Facebook though. “Not Google-searchable and you need to go on a course to learn how to use the Privacy controls!”

@Documentally’s Tool Kit: Twitter, WordPress, Flickr, 12 seconds, Qik, Viddler, YouTube, Phreadz, Bambuser.

Really likes Twitter because you can check out people’s credibility – eg he can check out a plumber and find out how good he is.

Quite happy to put stuff on Flickr, it grows his network and he can use a tool to find out wherever his pictures are being used in the world. Not concerned about people ’stealing his pictures’, uses Creative Commons licences.

Was able to invoice a newspaper when he discover that they were using his picture!

Talking about Qik and Bambuser whilst interviewing the Prime Minster.

Costs =

£20 for WordPress theme because he wanted to give credit to the theme designer

£20/year for Flickr

Seesmic, so many different applications, sign up and try them…

Question from the floor: What about Vimeo? Likes Viddler because he met the founders, agrees Vimeo is very nice too.

Is able to get jobs like going out to the Middle East to do work on refugee crisis just from “throwing stuff online”.

Phreadz – drag videos from the web and have conversations around it. Link to, have discussions around, embed…

Universities now using it to allow students and lecturers to share video, incredibly popular. Still in private beta however.

12 seconds.tv – ‘record a 12 second update’

‘How to do a 12’ lesson – Don’t ever speak over 12 seconds!

If you want to talk about what you’re doing… try to get involved in conversations.

Restaurant in London using 12 seconds to film their special of the day. Also film the making of it, really doing well from it!

Discovered that if he spent life with a hood over his head he wouldn’t be able to make as much out of his life.

Now has two monitors, one for work and one for friends. Can communicate with friends and switch on and off when he wants to (and they want to). Has a vastly improved social life from becoming a video blogger.

Read the rest here: Christian Payne’s Participation workshop at the AmbITion North East Roadshow.