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Stephen Fry on using the web to share art

From http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7926509.stm

Stephen Fry tells BBC Radio 4’s Analysis programme about why he believes the web is such a wondrous thing.

There are some lovely gems in here. My favourite bit:

Where The Web Can Take You

“What is wonderful is the idea that you can do a really interesting introduction. You can have trusted friends.

Imagine if someone like Alan Bennett, for example, who is a prodigious gallery-goer and a great writer occasionally, only tantalisingly occasionally on art – imagine if on your website you just said to these people could you just come in and talk about your favourite painting.

It would take them five minutes and you’d just have a little camera on them – and then similarly talk about a book.

I think you could just have ways of introducing people and taking the fear and discomfort and embarrassment out of art, if that was what you wanted to do, whether it’s literary art or any other kind of art – dance, opera, whatever you wanted to do.

There are opportunities and ways of doing it on the internet that are so much more closed to you even in broadcasting, to be perfectly honest.

The beauty of it is if you had it on the fryuniversity.com, it would be there forever and people would be able to say, “There’s Alan Bennett talking about Whistler’s Mother” or whatever.”