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Web 2.0 and Online Social Media training in the East Midlands

It was over a year ago that I was asked to develop a 5 day social media training course for a Nottingham business IT training program run by the Axis Centre. Funding has been touch and go but its in now and it means we can offer the course at 50% less than before we got the funding. Hurrah! 3 places left.

Social media, Web 2.0, business development for the Facebook generation; call it what you like, every other article you read at the moment seems to be name-dropping Facebook and Twitter. One thing is clear; Social Media is in, and in big time growth. Maybe it’s time you came to terms with this Facebook and Twitter led revolution…

This course is about getting you and your business ready for the challenge of this social media revolution. It’s about meaningfully using Facebook, Ning, and Twitter to raise your visibility online. It’s about getting your processes, maybe even core values right. And it’s delivered by Caron Lyon, a former AxisCentre delegate, citizen of AxisCommunity and now a regular speaker on the national circuit on Social Media.

Explore free online business tools (Qipit, Issuu etc.), the usefulness of social networking (Ning, FaceBook, Bebo), subscriber multi media platforms and collaborative wikis (PBWiki) with businesses in mind to enrich a customers experience when visiting a website. The course looks at optimised web browsing, getting the most out of RSS and the potential and expectations of mobile web access on the move.

Practical sessions will enable students to embed badges and widgets to their own web sites and gain a perspective of the dynamic content possible when commissioning a bespoke site from a web design company. Setting up a blog and accessing the blogging community as well as examining the platforms available will have a practical hands on focus.

Delegates can also gain professional qualification credits towards a University Certificate of Professional Development or degree from De Montfort University.

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