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Work, Rest and Play – Video Calling

How to take part.

1 Plug in your headset and webcam if you intend to speak or be seen.
2 Navigate to the network www.getambition.ning.com
3 Sign in to the network
4 Hover your cursor over Networking on the top navigation bar and select Tokbox Video Chat (Tokbox will load)

5 Clicking the Join Call button will bring up the access dialogue box

6 Select Allow and Click Close

You should then be in the chat room and your chat window will appear… wave!

To enter typed chat the chat box is at the bottom of the Tokbox window. Click in the chat box to activate it, type your comment and hit the return key to post your message to the chat window.

An addition feature of Tokbox is the opportunity to tell your social network platforms and friends that you are live and invite them to join the conversation. Anyone invited to join us during the Amb:IT:ion LIVE online session will have to be a network member.


Closing the tab or navigating away from the Tokbox Video Chat will log you out from the session. Should this happen (you fall off your proverbial chair!) get back up, dust your self off and return to the Tokbox Video Chat page.

If you have any difficulties I will be monitoring the IM chat accessed from the toolbar at the bottom of the network window.

Tokbox in the network doesn’t have an option to expand the window to full size but hitting the F11 key will hide all the toolbars at the top of your screen giving a little more space. F11 will also get them back again.

Any questions please contact me.

We’ve had a go at Instant Messaging (IM) in our first AMB:IT:ion LIVE online session at the beginning of October. There were 14 people who logged in to the network during the hour long IM chat. The discussion was around IM itself, our first experiences, continued use and our assessment of Nings IM platform for IM was also talked about. Ning’s default IM facility is basic but the session was a success. A forum thread was set up and several members who attended commented on the experience. http://bit.ly/29P0uf

This Wednesday (21st October) between 5pm and 6pm I’d like to invite you to join me by logging in to the network for a 1hr video chat session.

Ning has many ‘apps’ applications to facilitate online communication, collaboration and conversation with the purpose of enabling greater efficiency in the work place. By embracing and using these web tools, integrating them with existing tasks and processes in our day to day live you can save time and increase productivity. Holding online meetings, eliminating the travel time to and from meetings is a real possibility with online communication tools, but there is a learning curve with the tools themselves which often prevent them being implemented.

Amb:IT:ion LIVE online sessions have been created to give you the opportunity to try out these tools providing the experience your need to get to grips with using them. Initially the sessions are about the platforms themselves but as we run more sessions digital development and strategy to put them in to action will be possible with these sessions.

Anyone who is a member of the Amb:IT:ion UK network can use these services. As a password is needed to access any area beyond the front page you can experiment with the tools when ever you have the time in a closed environment.

The 1950’s saw household devices introducing the concept of ‘labour saving’ to modern life, the digital age, the advent of the Internet with the World Wide Web and Web 2.0’s interactivity has given us an overwhelming number of services, tools, and platforms intended to enhance and simplify the way we do what we do.

Services such as Skype give us free voice calling using our internet connection with a headset (headphones with a microphone). Talking from computer to computer is quite simple. An added bonus is that the installed application shows the ‘status’ of those in our contacts list telling us if they are on or off line, available or unavailable. Skype can also be installed on some mobile phones too. Integrated IM provides real-time text messaging communication and with a web cam you can invite callers to see you. If they too have a web cam face to face meeting are a reality over the Internet.

Tokbox is the service I am inviting you to have a go at in the next AMB:IT:ion LIVE online session on Wednesday 21 October. It behaves much like Skype but as you don’t download an application on to the computer you make your call from but log in to a web site all you need are the input devises, a headset to hear and speak and a web cam for face to face video, all you require is an Internet connection. No software installation is needed.

Join me between 5pm and 6pm on Wednesday 21 October and try out Ning’s Tokbox application. You will need a headset to talk and a webcam to be seen. If you have neither join us and use the integrated IM chat.

You don’t need a Tokbox account to use Tokbox within the Amb:IT:ion UK network. If you want to visit the main site it is www.tokbox.com