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Digital Do’s and Don’ts – Digitising Your Film Festival (BFI)

Do’s and Don’ts from contributors to VIRTUALLY A REALITY: Digitising Your Film Festival, Monday, 19 October 2009 at Royal Society of Arts, part of the BFI 53rd London Film Festival.

Contributors: Lucy Hutton – ACE Digital Opportunities Research Programme; Paul Graham www.paulgraham.com; Hannah Rudman – Digital & Environmental sustainability development strategist and Lead Consultant of AmbITion; Mirko Whitfield– SxSW Festival; Louis Savy – Sci Fi London; Sara Pollack – Film & Animation Manager YouTube (US); Kate Taylor – Director, Abandon Normal Devices; Rachel Millward – Birds’ Eye View Festival; Ian Francis – 7 Inch Cinema/Flatpack Festival; Liz Harkman – Director, Encounters Film Festival; Tony Jones – Director, Cambridge Film Festival; Mark Cosgrove – Head of Programme, Watershed, Creative Director Encounters Film Festival.

Digital Dos and Donts – Digitising Your Film Festival/BFI 53rd London Film Festival

Download this document (PDF, 1.33MB)