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Writing with Twitter

In the lead up to an exhibition opening in January called Verb: to read and write, I am experimenting with Twitter and it’s timeline to invite everyone to write a story! You can find it at #hashtagnarrative and it’s just getting started.

I’m learning the glitches as we go along – the timeline doesn’t always load quickly, which can be frustrating and might lead to fractures in the story. Also explaining to folks how to use hash tags is a tricky one, so I have made a neat idiot-proof pdf trying my hardest to avoid jargon or over-explaining and that will reach our website shortly. (www.burystedmundsartgallery)

Another question: how to amplify and meme it out there without forwarding the # as that would wreck the story. I’m trying to overcome this by setting up an account @BStENarrative and having that as a mini reference site that explains it all and then the ReTweets can be:
Help write a story! See @BStENarrative and # hash tag narrative (no gaps)

I haven’t pushed it particularly yet, seeing how it takes on its own, but I think I’ll get a bit more directed at inviting folks to contribute as it will work at its best once it has gone viral (a nice virus, the prettier buboe) and so I will make a start here!
So, please, folks of Amb:IT:ion, join in writing the story – shape it in whichever way you like!! #hashtagnarrative