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How does the Internet influence your music habits?

Cenatus CIC, producer of the Netaudio festival are currently undertaking a research project auditing the influence of the Internet on music. With this research project the organisation aims to highlight current user behaviour and hope to make a first forecast on what is next to come in the field of music facilitated by digital media. The research outcomes are to be published in the form of a videocast showcasing the work of leading practitioners and a seminar event staged in Spring 2010.

As a first step of the research project, Netaudio has compiled a short online questionnaire aimed at musicians as well as audiences of new music: We are keen to capture how the ‘user’ is utilising the Internet when listening, making or creating music. As a reward we have a number of prizes to give away including selected books and online music subscriptions.

The survey is open from 2 to 24 February 2010, to complete it and for further info visit: