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Interim Mini Case Study: Giant

In conversation with Hannah Rudman, CEO of Giant Productions talks about their starting point for digital development. To include streamlining their office systems and improving their digital and marketing strategy online.

1 thought on “Interim Mini Case Study: Giant

  1. Nice to see Karen (having not met her!) talking about her company, which I saw doing their Songbird production at Edinburgh Fringe (a production I thoroughly enjoyed). She was a bit coy about exactly what “housekeeping” she needed fo the company apart from remote access to files.
    At Carn to Cove we have not engaged with social media because the keying and screen time is so demanding and we are not certain it addresses our core audience. Also our core audience is NOT young people so we need to focus on more traditional methods of communication while developing online resource e.g. online ticketing etc, blogging – see http://www.carntocove.co.uk. Deciding what to do first is difficult!

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