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Why collaborating on a common source project could have big benefits for the cultural community

Many arts organisations have a need for software and applications to support the realisation of their ambITions. These needs include web spaces for promotion of content and events, information and community interaction. But for many arts organisations, the journey to achieving their required digital solutions can be singular and lonely. Small and medium sized organisations may embark upon a process of specifying, tendering and implementing a solution which may end up being a developer-owned bespoke solution.

Many of the needs of arts organisations are common. Amongst the cohort of the 15 AmbITion Scotland partners,there are probably 6 or 7 with similar needs.

So why not collaborate on the development of a ‘white label’ solution (s)?

Some of us think that this could have advantages of cost, quality, value for money, development and reduction of the risks involved with the one arts organisation one bespoke web solution model – and allow us to use more open source solutions.

We have started a group Common Source Common Sense. If you are interested in being involved please join. we are scoping the project by 10 November and all contributions are welcome.