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Envirodigital to run workshop for Scottish Government’s 2020 Climate Group

Scottish Enterprise logoInteractive Scotland logoTogether with Scottish Enterprise, Envirodigital is facilitating a series of workshops for the Scottish Government’s 2020 Climate Group, supported by Interactive Scotland and SE’s Digital Media Industry Advisory Group.
The 2020 Climate Group was set up to ensure that all sectors of Scotland’s economy and civic society contribute fully to achieving Scotland’s ambitious climate change targets. The first workshop on 25th January achieved a great deal, and participants appreciated the opportunity to consider a vision for the Creative and Digital sectors being carbon neutral by 2050. Said one participant:

“Thank you so much for the event today Hannah, for bringing the creative and interactive industries into the 2020 Climate Change Group’s work, and to the 2020 Group for agreeing to involve the sector. More and more, our sector is being ackowledged by scientists as having key role in understanding some of the complexities, challenges and indeed opportunities in taking this area on as a new way of thinking, and it is brilliant to see our sector having a role. I look forward very much to taking a more active role at the next session. Thank you again.”

Click here to sign up to attend workshop 2, in Edinburgh on 28th February 2011. Register for Scotland's low carbon transition: opportunities and implications for the Creative and Interactive Industries - workshop 2 in Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City Of  on Eventbrite