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Digital audiences: engagement with arts and culture online

New research from the second phase of the Arts Council England’s digital research programme has been published on www.artscouncil.org.uk.

This latest research fills what was a gap in our knowledge on arts and the digital realm: it gives solid data on the amount, and how, people engage with arts online. It is based on a survey of 2,000 people and quantifies their engagement with and attitudes to using online technology to engage with the arts.

The research looks at the drivers for online engagement, and how better knowledge of these can be used by the arts sector to both expand and deepen their relationship with the public.

To download the research report by MTM London, click on http://www.artscouncil.org.uk/media/uploads/doc/Digital_audiences_final.pdf.

Key findings reveal that there is a large and vibrant online arts community with 53% of web users engaging with arts and culture online, and that there is significant potential market for an expanded online cultural offer with 92% of the online population interested in arts and culture. The research confirms findings from earlier qualitative research (see http://www.artscouncil.org.uk/about-us/research/digital-opportunities/results-phase-one/) that those engaged with arts and culture online are also engaged with arts and culture offline; and that digital engagement is seen as an addition to live experiences. The most popular form of digital arts activity is going online to find out more about artists and about arts and cultural offerings; while a solid minority of people use online technology to view artistic and cultural content and to develop their own creative and cultural skills.

This research is from the second phase of the Arts Council’s digital research programme (http://www.artscouncil.org.uk/about-us/research/digital-opportunities/results-phase-two/) which is part of the wider digital opportunities programme (http://www.artscouncil.org.uk/about-us/our-plan-2008-2011/digital-opportunity/). This phase of the research was co-commissioned with the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, and Arts & Business.

Digital Audiences Engagement with arts and culture – November 2010

Download this document (PDF, 5.54MB)