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National Theatre Scotland launch new virtual live theatre project

I’m delighted to announce that my other company#fiveminutetheatre! Envirodigital are consultant producers for Five Minute Theatre.


Today, 25th February, 2011, the National Theatre of Scotland marks its fifth birthday by opening public submissions for a nationwide virtual theatre project as well as announcing details of a series of public platforms aimed at provoking and facilitating cultural debate.

Vicky Featherstone, Artistic Director, National Theatre of Scotland commented: “Five years ago, we had no idea that anything we set out to do was actually possible. There was no such thing as an NTS show, an NTS event, or an NTS audience member.

“It is thanks to the talent, courage and inspiration of the people I work with – the artists, the designers, the truck drivers – and the hunger of the audience to be entertained, that any of this has been possible. That on our fifth birthday we would have shows in Ullapool, New York City, Aberdeen and Edinburgh was unimaginable, but here we are!

“The last five years have proven to me that theatre genuinely has the ability to be responsive, inspiring and change the way we see the world around us.”

Fiona Hyslop MSP, Scottish Government Minister for Culture and External Affairs said: “Over its first five years our National Theatre has grown into a remarkable cultural asset, celebrating the work of our many artists and bringing theatre to communities across the country.

“We have also seen our National Theatre flourish on the international stage, touring acclaimed productions and showcasing our cultural excellence to new audiences.

“The 5th Anniversary programme shows innovation, ambition and a genuine commitment to engage with audiences – all of which signals a great future for theatre in this country.”



From 1pm today, Friday 25 March, 2011, National theatre of Scotland invites members of the public to visit www.fiveminutetheatre.com to submit their ideas to create a five minute piece of theatre.

Successful applicants will then develop their work for inclusion in a 24hour online broadcast of live theatre from 5pm on Tuesday 21st June until 5pm the following day.

Professional or not, old or young, absolutely anyone can take part by writing, devising, directing, performing and producing a piece of theatre, five minutes long. There are no set skills you must have; no qualifications required other than dramatic flair, a good idea and some bravery!

The deadline for ideas submissions is Friday 25 March, 2011.

www.fiveminutetheatre.com contains up to date information including clear instructions and details on the selection process as well as regular features from the National Theatre of Scotland’s key creative team offering tips, advice and classes on how to make and deliver a piece of theatre.

The latest Five Minute Theatre news can also be followed on Twitter, where participants can ask questions, share ideas and tips and connect with other theatre-makers.

Vicky Featherstone, Artistic Director, National Theatre of Scotland explains:

“At National Theatre of Scotland, we don’t think we’re the only ones who can make theatre. We’re using our 5th birthday as an opportunity to offer audiences a chance to share their creative talents. On June 21st, we’re going to stage live, online, 24hours of non-stop 5 minute theatre – created by anyone, for everyone!

“Your five minutes can be filled with whatever you want it to be, whatever ‘theatre’ means to you. You can write your own script, create a scene or a situation, it can have music or dance, a director and actors, props and costumes or something no one has thought of yet.

She continued: “You can interpret this in any way you like, any style you like. It can be a thriller, a drama, a romance, a monologue, anything. It can be on a stage, in a living room, a park, village hall, community centre, library, office, class room, football pitch – the choice is yours.

“You are in charge. You decide what your five minutes are; you decide where to perform it, how to cast it and who the audience will be. It’s your story; however you want to tell it.”

Heather McDonald, Groups Sponsorship Manager at ScottishPower said: “ScottishPower is delighted to support the National Theatre of Scotland and would like to congratulate the organisation on its fifth birthday.

“Our support for NTS focuses on the community and education projects run by the Learn department of the company. Our belief is that culture and art should be accessible for all.

“With our long tradition of supporting the arts in the UK we are pleased to be continuing our relationship with the National Theatre of Scotland which is part of the substantial commitment ScottishPower has made to the arts in Scotland.”

Hannah Rudman, Director, Envirodigital (consultant producers for Five Minute Theatre) said: “We’re so excited to be consultant producers of National Theatre Scotland’s innovative Five Minute Theatre.

“Webcasting is a great new technology for increasing the scale, reach, impact and access to the Company’s work, digitally and so, reducing the impact on the environment.

“Webcasting isn’t about instead of the ‘live’, it’s about AS WELL AS the ‘live’, and we look forward to working with National Theatre of Scotland to ensure that their great content and curatorship is experienced in an appropriate context online, so that the online audience community can enjoy deep levels of engagement and participation with live theatre.”