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DT:TV Case Studies

Almost-live simulcasts work as well as live – NT Live’s Frankenstein

Last Thursday I watched an NTLive! almost-live simulcast at my local Cameo Cinema, of Frankenstein, London’s hottest sold out ticket, directed by Danny Boyle (to see it in London, I’d have to queue for a day ticket -from 1am, when the queue starts forming!). The production was mesmerising, engaging, gripping and yes, it was live […]

Creative & Interactive Industries’ low carbon transition: Final Report

Envirodigital and Scottish Enterprise facilitated workshops with Creative and Interactive Industries for Scottish Government’s 2020 Climate Group, to feedback on what the options, opportunities and challenges might be for the sectors on achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, and a 42% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020. The final report is below, and features digitisation as […]

Narrowcasting proves digital dynamite in Fife and beyond !

AttFife achieved a digital first for Scotland, with a special show streamed over the internet reaching more than 26,000 people in schools, hospitals and health centres across the country.   Arts and Theatres Trust Fife (AttFife) presented Wee Stories’ Jock and the Beanstalk online alongside a run of live performances at Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline, […]