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2 thoughts on “AmbITion Scotland video case study: ATT Fife

  1. Would have been interesting to know what the costs were technically to film the performances and some mroe about the technological delivery that was used ? Did you use satellite, was it streamed etc was it a vblog. Also did the project encounter problems with performers and music rights clearance for simulcast.

    Tim Smithies

  2. Tim
    Project costs were around £7,000 but we received substantial sponsorship in Kind from Solus who provided our VPN – Virtual Private Network – so no not satellite (too costly for us) plus we needed flexiability of being able to stop and start in the hospitals/schools – schools liked this as they could see one half then go out for beaktime and then see the other half. The VPN also provides a more stable and controlled environment than streaming. We had already found that with streaming we could not control the quality of connection and this would cause buffering.
    No problems with rights/clearance as educational and also very controlled narrowcasting with a secure network and controls on downloading.
    Please drop me a line if you would like more info as we have already progressed our development further for a future project.
    Jane Hogg

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