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Five Minute Theatre – 12 days to go

I’ve spent the week on Five Minute Theatre, making sure that the people and the technologies are going to work just fine! We’ve done site visits to hubs like the CCA in Glasgow and Lemon Tree in Aberdeen and trained up roving crews at Howden Park (Livingston) Govan and lots more who will based in cars, driving round remote Scotland. Whilst we’ve focussed on the technology and the new processes that this introduces to the production and performance process of theatre, this project remains at its core a celebration of live theatre created in Scotland: its about live performance of engaging, exciting drama. Follow #fiveminutetheatre on Twitter for a glimpse of what the performers are up to as they count down to performance day!

National Theatre Scotland have blogged the process of the making of this project so that we can share the learning with other theatres. Here’s me talking about what I’ll be doing on the day!