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DT:TV Case Studies

Learning from experiments

Hasan Bakhshi argues in Arts Professional that research and development in the arts plays an important role, just as it does in science or technology The phrase ‘research and development’ (R&D) conjures up images of white-coated scientists in laboratories or inventors creating new gadgets. But science and technology are not the only areas where investment […]

The arts an important part of Brighton’s new Digital Festival

AmbITion champion Bill Thompson of the BBC took his podcast programme (and now merged with BBC TV show of the same name) ‘Click’ to Brighton’s first Digital Festival. It is an event that brings together hackers, digital artists and technophiles to explore the realms of digital technology. Hackers from a Mini Maker Faire demonstrate how […]

Theatre without walls (or doors – or any other barrier!)

[Update 10.06.2012 – Five Minute Theatre wins a Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland (CATS) – category best technological production.] The Stage quotes judge Robert Dawson Scott, theatre critic of The Times:  “For once, it wasn’t the pin point accuracy or the polished slickness of the endeavour that impressed: it was the sheer scale of the ambition […]