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Greener Electronics

Guide_Greener_Electronics_OSGreenpeace have just released a new version of the Guide to Greener Electronics. This is important for Envirodigital as we want to recommend digital solutions for getting greener, but we all know that most digital devices are manufactured with electronics components and use electricity to power up. Greenpeace report:
“This time ranking 15 gadget and electronics companies on energy, greener products and sustainable operations. HP takes the lead at 5.9 out of a possible 10 points, followed by Dell, Nokia and Apple.
Previous releases of our Guide to Greener Electronics have prompted improvements within the electronics industry including phasing out hazardous substances like PVC and brominated flame retardants from their products. In its sixth year, it is now part of Greenpeace’s wider Cool IT campaign to persuade IT industry leaders to become climate action leaders too.
Electronics, such as computers, TVs and mobile phones are both resource and energy intensive to produce. That’s why the guide’s new energy section focuses on how companies can lead the way by reducing their own energy use and using their influence in support of clean energy legislation.”
Is it all corporate greenwash? Well it seems that consumers can be reassured that HP takes top spot because it scores strongly for measuring and reducing carbon emissions from its supply chain, for reducing its own emissions, and advocating for strong climate legislation. I guess the public transport CO2 emissions will rise if we all buy HP laptops (lovingly known by their owners as “bricks” 🙂