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Rudman Consulting’s New AmbITion

Rudman Consulting is delighted to announce that that Creative Scotland has launched its Cultural Economy Programme. This funding area includes investment in digital development for the cultural sector over the period 2012-2014 to be delivered by AmbITion Scotland, designed and delivered by Rudman Consulting, together with Culture Sparks. These resources will sustain delivery for another comprehensive series of events sharing digital skills, knowledge and resources throughout the sector. The AmbITion Scotland team will be working directly with new partners, NESTA and Culture Hack Scotland building on our considerable experience from the last two years. The Creative Scotland guidelines for the Digital Development strand state:

“We have developed partnerships with NESTA, and Culture Hack Scotland, and will launch an integrated, comprehensive programme of support for digital development early in 2012. This will address the spectrum of needs of organisations at varying stages of development in terms of digital capacity, knowledge, and skills. The programme will:

· Support capacity building around skills, infrastructure, and knowledge in adopting digital technologies

· Address and reflect the further digital technology development needs of organisations with the capacity and interest to innovate and significantly enhance organisational sustainability through further integration of sophisticated digital technology

· Support the further organisational sustainability of those exploring progressive business models, or at a more advanced stage of developing creative content*

*note: support for the development of creative content is available through other Creative Scotland Investment Programmes including the Innovation Fund which will open again in April 2012 (this also sits within the Cultural Economy Programme and aims to ‘invest in distinctive and engaging digital interactive media content’).

Watch out for more news in the new year!