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Recycle computer hardware for recommerce

The European Parliament has voted for tougher regulations on the disposal of worn out/obsolete electronic items, requiring each country to collect 4 kilos of e-waste per citizen by 2012, and to process 85% of all its electronic waste by 2016.
We’re seeing that in times of recession, economic interests tend to overrule eco-causes, and corporate social responsibility around sustainable developments dwindle. But the need for a more sustainable lifestyle will remain a most pressing issue for years to come. Interestingly, in a credit crunch, consumers become increasingly aware not only of the financial value in their past purchases, but the material and ecological value of ‘stuff’ as well.

Dell runs Dell Reconnect in partnership with Goodwill Industries. The scheme allows users to take their electrical equipment, from any brand, to one of Goodwill’s 2,200+ participating locations in the United States or Canada, where it will then be refurbished or recycled.
(Companies like Nike and Patagonia have been doing this for years, but good for Dell :-)