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Tip Sheet: what video kit to buy

Mark Batley has written a great Tip Sheet on what video kit to buy whether you’re starting out at making films, an intermediate or expect. You’ll find useful tips to help you make decisions about cameras, sound, editing software and data storage to suit all budgets large and small. The tip sheet has been written for Arts Council England/BBC’s Digital Capacity on the Arts programme.
Download it by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “Tip Sheet: what video kit to buy

  1. This tip sheet is “unavailable” when you click on the access to it.

    1. Thanks Leslie for flagging this. That sheet is actually hosted on an external site – the Building Digital Capacity in the Arts site from Arts Council England and the BBC. I’ve fixed the link above to the main page around this post but it looks like the .pdf file link is broken on their end. Sorry about that!

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