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Envirodigital’s CO2 Savings Account App

enviroappfinalsEnvirodigital‘s CO2 Savings Account App is now a demonstrable proof of concept, thanks to the work of two Edinburgh Napier University students: Phillip Scott and Daniel Cairns. The demonstrator of the app, which adds further functionality to the widget piloted by Envirodigital last year, is based around a database and modular web service all on the cloud.

For an overview of theĀ  app, watch this 2 minute video:

Over the summer, the demonstrator was developed by Phill with Dan’s support to be ready and live for 31st August: the finals day of the national SME Enviro App competition, following the selection of the Envirodigital’s CO2 Savings Account App idea down to the last five. Hannah Rudman of Rudman Consulting, the parent company of Envirodigital branded projects, fronted and led the student team, which was supported by Dr. Neil Urquart and Sally Smith of the School of Computing. The team presented to the high profile judges as well as to a wider public, which included representatives from the Scottish Government.

Although the demonstrator app did not win the SME Enviro App competition, the comments and connections from the judges were very positive. Ian Marchant, CEO of SSE and chair of the judging panel, praised the app’s ability to profile previously hidden CO2 savings; and SEPA, supporters of the competition provided internal and external connections to companies such as Cisco, BT, and Microsoft (who played host to the finals day in Edinburgh).

Hannah Rudman said: “This is great example of successful knowledge exchange between the professional and academic sectors. I could not have produced a working demonstrator of my idea without the support of the Edinburgh Napier team, and through their association with Rudman Consulting and Envirodigital, the Napier students now have experience of presenting at a high profile competition, and of building a demonstrator, which worked even during the most stressful of tests – the live presentation of it to the public! I’m really grateful to the team, and hope that the benefit of the working demonstrator will attract further interest in the app.”

For more information, or to discuss supporting the further development of the app, please email Hannah Rudman.