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Turing Festival: Conference 2012

Conference organisers and AmbITion Scotland partners, Interactive Scotland once again hosted a scintillating day at Edinburgh’s Turing Festival. The Turing Festival brings the digital industries and the web into this gathering in a celebration of digital culture and creativity. Named in honour of Alan Turing, father of modern computing, the festival moves beyond traditional tech conferences to explore the ways in which technology is affecting all aspects of culture and society.

But there was content of particular interest to the AmbITion audience, and that’s why we partnered the event to webcast and film it. With the TV experience on the brink of complete change, the Connected Content Session at the end of the day addressed the challenges for content, and looked at the opportunities for developers, business leaders and digital technology champions to capitalise on this new world of second screen interaction. Other sessions focussed on data, social media and apps. You can also check out the highlights from last year’s InteractiveScotland@Turing Conference.

Welcome from Interactive Scotland: Alisdair Gunn, Interactive Scotland

Chairman’s Opening Remarks
: Stewart Townsend, Datashift


“Big data (and doing something with it)”
 Dave Coplin, Microsoft

“Information is beautiful – a picture paints a thousand words” John Loudon, BiP Solutions

“Ambassador, with this datatainment you are really spoiling us” Richard Ayers, Seven League


“How Social can enable businesses in new ways” Benjamin Faes, Google

“Blogger Outreach – Refreshing the parts other social media cannot reach”
 Dave Cumings, Forth Metrics

“Know your Customer – Stop listening”
 Stewart Townsend, Datashift

Panel Session – “Social Panel – Connecting our world and everything in it!”
 Gary Ennis, Managing Director, NS Design (Panel Chairperson) Dave Coplin, Microsoft Richard Ayers, BFI Benjamin Faes, Google Jason Ball, Director, Qualcomm Ventures Bob Thomson, Founder, Storm Ideas


“Creating that Augmented Experience” Ambarish Mitra, Blippar

“Everyone can Create Apps”
 Kevin Miller, Run Rev

“Communicating across the Cloud” James Parton, Twilio

Panel Session – “Put bangers in your mobile mashup” Thibaut Rouffineau, VP Developer Partnerships, WIP (Panel Chairperson) Kevin Miller, Run Rev James Parton, Director of European Marketing, Twilio Kevin McDonagh, co-founder and CEO, Novoda Gavin Dutch, Managing Director, Kotikan


“Fragmentation & the State of Online Video” Luke Gaydon, Brightcove

“Social Media: television’s best new friend?” Anthony Rose, Zeebox

“Second Screen – the new remote control” Gareth Capon, BSkyB

Panel Session – “Engaging the Audience – Shaping the future for our connected world” 
Mike Dicks, Senior Policy Executive, PACT (Panel Chairperson) Luke Gaydon, Brightcove Anthony Rose, Zeebox Gareth Capon, BSkyB Alistair Brown, CTO, STV Group Dave Coplin, Microsoft

Conference Round Up