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DT:TV Case Studies

Encouraging cultural organisations to identify digital assets for building business resilience

The latest AmbITion Scotland case study shows the digital development journey of remote artists’ residency centre, Cove Park. I worked with Cove Park, facilitating their change journey, and am thrilled with the outcomes they have achieved through planning and implementing some digital tools; by changing their mindset and growing confidence around working digitally; and by building their own digital capabilities and capacities. They report better operational efficiencies through being able to work virtually, and more easily manage communications with each other, stakeholders and audiences; increased scale, ┬áreach, and impact through an improved website and social media strategy; and overall increased accessibility, leverage, legacy and a sense that they are powerfully communicating what it is they do and why!

Overcoming some of the digital challenges of being in a remote Scottish location, they are now in a position to consider how their digital assets can be maximised as artistic production tools and new business models.

The story of how following a simple change management methodology (in this case, The AmbITion Approach which I authored), and undertaking that methodology within the support of a wider programme that encourages professionals to share their success (and failure) stories and case studies, network and learn online and in person, and learn and build collective knowledge online is what I’m keynoting about at Marketing de las Artes this year. Spain’s financial (pink) paper Cinco Dias quotes me as advising cultural organisations to understand what intangible assets they might have (communities of support on social networks, digital content, specific digital demographics, etc.) – exactly the exercise that Cove Park is now in the position to undertake having sorted out their strategy and infrastucture.