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Digital 2012

Monetising Content was the theme of Scotland’s national conference for the digital and creative industries, Digital 2012. Held at SECC 29th & 30th March 2012, organised by Interactive Scotland and AmbITion Scotland, the conference brought together almost 500 of the creative and digital industries’ professionals from throughout Scotland. The content highlighted here is specifically of interest to the creative, cultural and heritage sectors. (All Digital 2012 content is available on the Digital 2012 website.) Hannah Rudman gives an overview of why the conference is addressing the theme, and introduces the main subject and discussion areas of collaboration, convergence, content experience, and collection of data.

AmbITion Scotland organisations Stellar Quines and Timespan gave case studies in digital collaboration:

AmbITion Scotland trainers Inner Ear gave a case study about their digital development collaboration with Walking Heads:

Marc Sands, Director of Audiences and Media, Tate, also gave a keynote about the Tate’s digital development strategy and achievements:

(These last 2 videos have been brought to you by Interactive Scotland and AmbITion Scotland, the people behind Digital 2012, in partnership with Scottish Development International)