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Digital Giving in the Arts

Says Matthew Bowcock, author of DCMS’s new Culture Ministry report Digital Giving in the Arts:

“It may seem obvious to state that voluntary giving does not happen in isolation; it is an
outcome from a process of audience engagement which may occur over a long period.
In a similar manner, digital technology alone does not magically enable greater giving;
it is just a set of tools for better engagement.
It is not productive, therefore, to focus on digital giving in isolation, so this report
examines how technology can be used in all aspects of the arts and cultural sector to
involve audiences and visitors more so that they feel a sense of participation. This in
turn can motivate them to give. Some organisations already do this well but for others
it is a daunting task for which trustees and management may feel ill equipped.”

It’s a good read, with an overview of the current economic and cultural climate, as well as the technology tools available and insight into the general public’s online behaviours to help with digital fundraising. There are then case studies of NGOs and charities who have run successful giving campaigns, and it concludes with a vision for what digital giving in the arts could be, the implications of that and some recommendations to the government and arts funding bodies on overcoming the challenges to achieve the vision. The full report is below.