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Uist Wool Ambition Approach Case Study

Uist Wool – AmbITion Approach Case Study Podcast

Cheviot fleece

Uist Wool is a community benefit society that will operate a new spinning mill and wool centre on the island of Grimsay in the Outer Hebrides

Uist Wool is based on the principles of People, Planet, Profit: seeking to benefit the many, establishing sustainable practices and creating a viable enterprise to support the communities of the Outer Hebrides.

Uist Wool will work with crofters so that together we can add value to local fleece, and help to secure a future for sheep.

Uist Wool will enable craftspeople to create uniquely Hebridean products, meeting demand for natural fibres and ethical products in both fashion and furnishing.

Cultural Heritage
Uist Wool will preserve the age-old island traditions of woolwork, and interpret them for the 21st Century

Utilising one of the islands’ most abundant renewable resources – wool – Uist Wool aims for the ‘greenest’ possible production