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Culturing our Creativity: talks on demand

Individuals and organisations working in arts, culture and the creative industries in Scotland are faced with a rapidly changing external operating environment that is increasingly uncertain. Many, especially those working in small practices, micro businesses and SMEs, face continuous obstacles to achieving their full potential, especially in relation to accessing the right kind of human and financial resources to help them adapt and build their resilience.

Whilst we know a lot about the conditions needed to enable cultural and creative activities to flourish at different points in their lifecycle, they’re not present across the whole ecosystem. They’re not connected up. Most importantly, we don’t fully recognise the different kinds value they create, and what impacts these values have on our increasingly challenged economy, society and environment. How can we ensure their presence? Who needs to do what, where, when and how? What more could they contribute to our common wealth if we got the architecture for supporting cultural and creative practice right and how can we develop the strategic narrative that would enable behaviour change across the system?

AmbITion Scotland collaborated together with Missions Models Money, Cultural Enterprise Office and Arts & Business Scotland to host this event for cultural and creative sector professionals, which we hope will be the first of many more.