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Sustainable cultural AmbITions for a low carbon transition

Today the IPCC published its 5th report to confirm that by 2100, the average projection for how much warming will occur is expected to be slightly above the 2 degrees C threshold, considered to be the temperature above which it is considered that climate change will damage the global environment: as well as the damage humans and their living and industry are already contributing. Also, the report confirms that there needs to be a carbon budget established, to clearly indicate the amount of greenhouse gas that the climate can cope with. Despite repeated pledges by governments to cut emissions, greenhouse gas output is still rising, which is why Envirodigital is focussing on helping people work out where they can make savings through using digital technologies.

The fifth in the series of influential Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) reports – has been significantly checked to ensure it doesn’t contain a significant error that could be seized upon by climate sceptics to discredit the research.
IPCC climate change tweet

This is my speech challenging the arts, culture, and heritage sector to begin to do even more – especially using digital technologies – to encourage a low carbon transition. The speech was recorded at the Culturing Our Creativity event, held in Edinburgh supported by AmbITion Scotland, Cultural Enterprise Office, Mission Models Money, and Arts&Business Scotland.

The deadline for the Sustainable AmbITion fund is Sunday 29.09.13: if you’re a Scottish creative organisation or practice (charity or social enterprise status)  and you have any ideas about how digital technologies, tools or communications could help the challenge, we – all, and the planet – need them!