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macrobert share! Simulcasting & Social Media Policy for Working with Children and Young People

Stirlingshire’s arts centre based on Stirling University’s campus, macrobert, has recently undertaken the AmbITion Approach, and has made some immediate decisions around digital developments. Last night saw macrobert’s first ever screening of an NTLive production, Coriolanus. The show sold out, with War Horse, NTLive’s February simulcast selling out within minutes of being put on sale! After researching the implications of the kit and contracts needed to host simulcasts, macrobert took a very short business case to the board of trustees. The initial capital investment of the satellite and decoder system would be recouped over a year, with the norm for hosting a simulcast being an equal share of box office split between producer and host. If successful, the ability to receive simulcasts would add a new strand of programming, enabling world class events to be shared in Stirling, thus providing a new offer and experience to audiences; and a new income stream for the arts centre after a year.

The board signed off the proposal immediately, and just a couple of months later, macrobert has fully integrated simulcasts into the arts and film programme. The CEO and Artistic Director explained to me how important it was to consider simulcasts in relation to the theatre, dance, and music programme. This is to ensure that live events (which would likely share a very similar audience demographic to that of the simulcasts) are not simultaneously programmed. Care is going to be taken to ensure that simulcasts are as curated into the overall live programme as any other performance would be.

macrobert also developed social media policies following their AmbITion journey. From their social media policy for working with young people and children, I have created a proforma, which is available here for any organisation working with young participants to download and adapt. Thanks for sharing, macrobert!

Download this document (PDF, 83KB)